Charging What You’re Worth by Empowering Your Voice

Check one situation where you are afraid or reluctant to give voice to your value:

o Stating your fees
o Negotiating with a vendor
o Asking for a new client’s payment when being hired
o Asking a client to get current with their payments
o Negotiating with a client who wants to drop out of a program
o When a client keeps asking for more than what was initially agreed upon
o Asking a client for a non‐refundable deposit
o Saying “no” when asked for a discount
o Saying “no” when a client asks to prolong or extend the timeframe of their program
o When a client questions your fees or the value of your services
o Asking for a loan
o Being asked for a loan
o Discussing expenditures with your spouse/partner
o Discussing money with your family
o Telling your friends or family you’re purchasing something such as a new car or a house o Telling your spouse/partner you want to invest in your business
o Discussing financial goals and dreams with your spouse/partner
o Discussing debt with creditors
o Discussing debt with your spouse/partner
o Asking for a raise or negotiating your salary
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o Discussing with your spouse/partner or family why you are creating debt to invest in your business

o Other: _______________________________________________________________
In the situation you checked, what are you secretly afraid of (check the one that feels the most true

for you):