EP. 67 How Digital Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Startup!!!

Money & You with Michelle Perkins

EP 67 How Digital Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Startup!!!



The way people buy goods and services has dramatically changed and often our marketing efforts are misdirected. There’s an abundance of digital marketing information being shared but little that tells you the HOW that will deliver the results you need as a business owner. In this show, we talk about careers in start-ups and how those start-ups can be successful with the right type of marketing with a business marketing expert. STEVEN MARK KAHAN has successfully helped grow seven startup companies from early stage to going public or being sold, resulting in $5 billion in shareholder value. Steven is the author of Amazon best seller, Be a Startup Superstar. Steven’s newest book is called “High Velocity Digital Marketing”. He lives in Texas with his wife and can be reached atwww.beastartupsuperstar.com FOLLOW AND SHARE Leave us your honest rating and a review, if you would, wherever you listen to podcasts or on the Limit Free Life YouTube Channel. You can really help us to grow, gain popularity and bring on more fabulous guests. If you love this episode, please share it with your friends or someone who needs to hear it. My goal is to help as many as possible live their best lives with a career or business they love and a great relationship with money so they can have the freedom they deserve in life. Send questions or show ideas to: michelle@limitfreelife.com and visit https://limitfreelife.com to learn more and grab some free resources to help you move forward. To Your Success!! The best way to keep in touch is by becoming part of the Limit Free Life community. Join us here: https://limitfreelife.com/newsletter/